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Sectigo OV SSL is the ideal option for professional sites, connections to intranets and behind firewalls. As one of the most trusted organization validation SSL certificates on the market, the Sectigo OV SSL leverages Sectigo’s 20+ years of experience in securing websites, providing an optimal combination of features and competitive pricing. Les grandes entreprises disposent de réseaux complexes où de nombreuses connexions ont lieu en coulisses : bien qu’il ne soit peut-être pas nécessaire d’opter pour un certificat EV, l’authentification de l’organisation reste cruciale. In these scenarios, the Sectigo OV SSL certificate proves to be the perfect solution. This certificate meets or exceeds all CA/B Forum and NIST encryption standards, with the choice of RSA or ECDH public key cryptography, up to 256-bit symmetric encryption, and enterprise authentication. It’s all backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and $1,000,000 guarantee. Trust Sectigo OV SSL to keep your online connections secure.