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Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates are a popular website security option for small businesses, personal blogs, and non-profit websites. Here is a detailed guide to Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates:

What is a Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate?

A Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate is a type of SSL certificate that only verifies domain ownership of the website. This means that the certificate authority only validates that the certificate requester owns the domain for which they are requesting the certificate.

Main Features of Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificates:

  1. Automated Validation: Domain validation is fully automated, meaning the process of obtaining the SSL certificate is quick and simple.
  2. Affordable Cost: Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates are generally the least expensive among the different types of SSL certificates available on the market.
  3. Best for Small Websites: Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates are perfect for small personal websites, blogs, and non-profit websites that need basic security at an affordable cost.

Process for Obtaining a Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate:

  1. Certificate Purchase: The process begins with purchasing a Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate from a reputable certificate authority.
  2. Domain Validation: Once the certificate has been purchased, the domain owner must prove that they own the domain in question. This can be done by replying to a validation email sent to the domain admin email address or by adding a domain-specific DNS record.
  3. Certificate Issuance: Once domain validation is complete, the certification authority issues the Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate, which can then be installed on the site’s web server.

Benefits of Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificates:

  1. Affordable Cost: Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates are often the least expensive of the SSL certificate options, making them accessible even for small budgets.
  2. Ease of Obtaining: The automated validation process makes obtaining a Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate quick and simple, without requiring additional documentation.
  3. Improved Trust: Even though domain validation is basic, displaying the security padlock in the browser address bar instills trust in site visitors.

Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates provide an affordable and effective security solution for small websites that need basic protection against online threats. By understanding the features, process for obtaining, and benefits of Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates, you can make an informed decision about securing your website.

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